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Bieg Elektrotechnik

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Creative Direction/Design
ZWEI Design

Project size
100 sqm.

Eschbach, Germany


Herman Bieg and Sohn is a local business with 125 Years of experience in electrical engineering.

The company decided to add a smaller branch office as their already established main offices are located in a small village in Southern Germany. In contrast to the history-rich offices, this branch office should reflect their modern and design-forward thinking. One of the main tasks was to incorporate lighting into the offices in an interesting and versatile way. The client was looking for an inviting, modern and playful interior that would give room for discussion and space for interaction with their visiting clients.

In this rather small space, we created different zones using seating, built-ins and, of course, lighting. We kept the color scheme neutral and calm with pops of color.

Lighting plays a huge role in this interior as Bieg and Sohn specialize in lighting and electrical planning. The entire office is a smart space; from the light color and intensity to the electrically powered curtains. Everything is automated and can be adjusted from a mobile device.

Our goal was to create a work-life space that is rich in texture, comfortable, interactive and inspiring.